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Skillful Concealment Carpentry in Hampton, NJ

Store your belongings in handcrafted compartments with furniture locks and discreet concealment furniture. Our wide range of concealment furniture offers you a useful piece of furniture for your room. We also accept custom orders for our concealment carpentry in Hampton, NJ.

Secure your firearms when you leave home, and keep them safe from young children with our approach to concealment carpentry. People purchase pistols and rifles and keep them in the home for a variety of reasons, and many understand the importance of gun safety in the house. They also need storage options that blend into the décor of the home.

Our full line of storage solutions includes items crafted by hand to fit your favorite firearm comfortably. While a safe may seem secure, it can draw unwanted attention from house cleaners and others that you welcome into your residence. N.J. Concealment Furniture has designed and built original furniture capable of securing guns and rifles for more than 20 years, so we understand the importance of creating something that lasts.

Woodworking with a Purpose

Hunters and recreational shooting enthusiasts have called the Garden State home for hundreds of years. Our tradition of shooting is intertwined with a modern need for security. When you decide to invest in a new bedroom set for your home, make the call to our custom furniture team and start telling us more about your needs. 

Our full line of floating wall shelves, flag cases, and blanket chests allow you to beautify your home while keeping it safe in the process. Purchase a new coffee table and secure it with leading-edge technology.

Wood Samples for Our Concealment Furniture in Hampton

Made with Quality

All of our concealment furniture in Hampton is hand-crafted using quality joinery techniques and first-rate materials, such as hardwood and hardwood plywood. We do not use pressboards, plastic, pocket screws, or other feeble materials in creating these pieces. In addition, all of our stains are hand-rubbed. Some of the furniture items we make are:

Coffee and End Tables | Coat Racks, Shadow Boxes, and Hutches | Nightstands | Wall and Corner Shelves | Clocks and Flag Cases | Magnetic Gun Mounts |  Furniture with Built-In Mirrors

RFID Proximity Lock

Available in all products, this lock option features 30,000-cycle battery life, low battery alarm, and default unlock. This also includes two credit card keys.

Magnetic Coat Rack Lock

Placing the magnetic key on the lock will open the furniture. This will relock automatically and can be deactivated with the flip of a lever. Moreover, this type of lock is used in clocks and coat racks.

Frames and Custom Wood Furniture in Hampton

Magnetic Slide Lock

To lock or unlock the furniture, you only have to slide the magnetic key across the lock. Used in flag cases and wall shelves, this features 3/8" slide bolt and 1/8" metal catch.

Wireless Keypad Lock

This lock has a 5000-cycle battery life, 15' range, and a programmable code with four to eight digits. You may use the code to lock your furniture. However, this option also features automatic relocking and comes with a default lock code.

Mechanical Combo Lock

Using no batteries, this lock is easy to program. It is a mechanical lock with push buttons. You simply have to enter the code and turn the knob to unlock. This is available on most of our concealment furniture in Hampton.